Alex Hixon


I was previously on The Bachelor, and am the current host of Top Gear.

I dunno, just some guy from Sydney. I'm at the University of New South Wales. While I'm not regretting my sleepless nights after taking Advanced Operating Systems, I spew half-asleep writings on my Twitter account. You probably don't want to read those.


Bus, Please Come

Find out in real-time when the bus is coming to your stop. A web-based replacement for the TXTBUS service, with a few extra nice things.


Some songs I like. A "music blog" if it were.

wave tableau

Converts images to sound, and vice versa. Output live video to your headphones, and record live audio back as a moving image.

Originally part of an art project, where visitors could hear the live video they were seeing, modify it using a vintage Roland Space Echo tape delay, and feed it back and see their modifications warp the video in real time.

On the Internet


If you want to get in touch, simply use mindlink.
(alternatively, shoot one of those new-fangled electronic messages to 'alex' at this domain)