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Oh, I dunno, just some guy from Sydney. Well, I've just graduated from UNSW, where I taught some classes, drunk a good amount of beer, and started the B-Grade Society. If you'd like to give me a job, please, shoot me an email — because reasons.

I'll chat to you about computer science, music (I don't know if what I've got classifies as "home studio", but definitely some gear sprawled on a desk), art, the humourous state of Australian politics, and everything in between.

I am weird twitter.


Data retention strategy paper

Strategy paper — originally written while at university — detailing options surrounding the then-unreleased data retention proposal. It is written with a legislative context in mind.

The Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2014, introduced to the House by the 2013 Liberal/National coalition government, received assent on 13 April 2015.


Operating system written from scratch. Uses the seL4 microkernel.

Bus, Please Come

Find out in real-time when the bus is coming to your stop. A web-based replacement for the TXTBUS service, with a few extra nice things.


Some songs I like. A "music blog" if it were.

wave tableau

Converts images to sound, and vice versa. Output live video to your headphones, and record live audio back as a moving image.

Originally part of an art project, where visitors could hear the live video they were seeing, modify it using a vintage Roland Space Echo tape delay, and feed it back and see their modifications warp the video in real time.

Imagine You And Me

A writing project by Tina and Sarah. I designed and put together the website together at the very last minute. So, not strictly all my work, but I think it's really cute and it deserves to be here.

Is Christmas Over Yet?

The answer? Usually, yes.


Bootkit for Windows 7+

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