Alex Hixon

wavetableau Converts sound to images in real-time View on GitHub

Convert images or video (file/webcam) to sound and back to a video image in real-time. Was originally used as an art project.

Example: warping audio in realtime

Given any input file, we can convert it to a raw audio representation:

Then, if we play that through a chorus delay pedal into the microphone port of the computer while running the program (and twiddling the knobs for effect), we get the following output:

Note that when I use the chorus pedal, the image distorts and doubles on both sides, because that’s essentially what a chorus does (plays with the stereo image of a mono sound). A delay pedal would produce different effects.

Of course, you can just as easily do several images, or live video, as you could a static image.

Example: audio visualiser

With some modifications to the code, we can make an interesting music visualiser.